What kills germs lab

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This door handle kills germs

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This door handle kills germs

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Bacteria Growing Experiments in Petri Plates

That power is then supported by wire to the light-emitting diode even the door handle. The most effective antibiotic drug was the Penicillin, in that it controlled the growth of the bacteria the most with a diameter of 16 mm. In the Streptococcus penumoniae culture the antibiotic drug that was the most effective was the Erythromycin with a diameter of 14 mm%(16).

environment which will kill the bacteria and prevent growth. In each experiment, the chemical agents had a similar effect regardless of the specific bacteria.

Make one dish of germs and one dish of germs with a drop of the anti-bacterial sanitizer or, better yet, make three dishes: one as the control (just germs), one with an anti-bacterial sanitizer, and a third dish with another brand of anti-bacterial sanitizer. What Kills Bacteria? Lab Analysis Pre-Lab Read the Lab Background and the ‘Microbiology’ book in the lab and answer the following questions (disregard ridiculous typos in the ‘Microbiology book’) 1.

Baby Fever Kills Virtual Bacteria What Lab

On what material are the bacteria grown in the petri dish? 2. When bacteria accumulate in the thousands, what is the group/mass called? 3. Oct 02,  · Baby Fever Kills Virtual Bacteria What Lab there are high incidence of decay do to the high sugar content of these oral suspensions or troches.

Safety considerations. The purpose of this article is to. One common disease is thrush of the frog in horses. Hypothesis: If the most effective solution for pathogenic bacteria is household bleach, then the descending order from best to least are household bleach, Penicillin, Monoclinic, Household Disinfectant, Anti- Bacterial Soap, Erythrocyte, Sterile Filter Paper.

What kills germs lab
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