Law school personal statement for transfer students

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BU Law Student Personal Statements

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Transfer Applicants

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I would not copy about this. Most of the information here comes from the Yahoo Transfer Apps group, talks with professors/students, various blogs/websites, forum threads on TLS, Law School Discussions, and my own personal experience/observations.

Admissions & Financial Aid

Personal Statement discussing reasons for transfer Up-to-date official transcript from applicant's current law school Letter of Standing from applicant's current law school. Tags: law school, law, Harvard Law School, graduate schools, education, students Ilana Kowarski is an education reporter at U.S.

News, covering graduate schools. You can reach her via email at. Stand Out as a Law School Transfer Applicant Top grades are critical for first-year law students who want to transfer.

Tulane Law School Home / Admission & Aid Admissions & Financial Aid Through its admission process, Tulane looks for students who demonstrate the potential to succeed as law students and as lawyers, and who will contribute to our educational community and to the legal community at large.

Provide Info: When you ask for advice, give as much information as possible (e.g., LSAT/GPA/URM, age, where you want to practice, ties to the area, what kind of law you want to do, total cost of attendance).

Law school personal statement for transfer students
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